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You will use your Mobile Phone Number as the primary method to check-in at SaverKey Terminals and earn points at your favorite merchants for several reasons.

  • You'll never forget your mobile phone number.
  • Certain information can be texted to you (with your permission, of course).
  • It is unique number that is specifically assigned to you.
  • We can simplify check-in procedures by asking for 10 digits.
  • You may have already used it to check-in at a SaverKey Merchant and we want to make sure those check-ins are linked to this account.
  • You can always reply STOP after any approved merchant communication to stop them from sending further messages.

Your Mobile Number is safe! While we use it as a check-in identifier, it is not visible to any SaverKey Merchant. You will have the ability to set your own Privacy Settings through the SaverKey Privacy Controls page.